Christmas Inflatables


Christmas Inflatables Large Variety.

153cm Air Inflatable Up and Down Santa in Chimney with lights sold out
153cm Air Inflatable Up and Down Santa in Chimney with lights sold out
$ 99.00
180cm Inflatable Air Blown Outdoor Santa Decoration with lights
180cm Inflatable Air Blown Outdoor Santa Decoration with lights
$ 74.99
300cm Santa with Lights
300cm Santa with Lights
$ 149.99
240cm Inflatable Air Blown Outdoor Santa Decoration with lights
240cm Inflatable Air Blown Outdoor Santa Decoration with lights
$ 89.99
6m Inflatable Air Blown Outdoor Santa Decoration
6m Inflatable Air Blown Outdoor Santa Decoration
$ 1200.00

Christmas inflatables or Christmas garden decorations as some people call them are a fun easy way to decorate the front yard. Check out the inflatable Snowman, inflatable Santa or inflatable reindeer. All our inflatable Christmas decorations are 24 volt and can be used outdoors, but as with anything tranformers and power plugs should be keep under cover. We have a 6 metre inflatable Santa which is sure to get you some attention. Christmas Inflatables are fun and children love them.

Christmas Inflatables

Having been on the market since 2007, Sydney`s Christmas Barn has become a leader in the lighting world, being one of the primary suppliers of Christmas lighting products in Sydney.

Not only that, given our name, we have also specialized in Christmas decorations. One of the biggest attractions in the Christmas decoration department is the Christmas inflatables.

Why Christmas inflatables?

The biggest advantage of choosing inflatables is the way you can storage them in a small place and then, when Christmas comes, you just have to fill them with air and you�re all set.

You can have them installed indoor or outdoor, in your garden. The materials they are made of are weather-resistant so you can use them year after year without them looking washed out.

All the inflatable decorations are 24 volt. They are fun to install and fun to look at. Children will adore them and will want more. We offer only quality Christmas Inflatables.

Christmas inflatables really are the perfect way for you to decorate your yard through the Christmas season. They bring a great amount of joy and bring smiles to many children�s faces. It�s never too early to start thinking about how you are going to decorate next Christmas and with the Christmas Barn, you don�t have to wait until Christmas season comes around again to start buying. We have Christmas inflatables, decorations, garlands and lights available online all year round.

Inflatables for your home Christmas decorating come in various characters, shapes, designs and sizes. You can choose something very basic or choose something larger.

When it comes to setting up your Christmas inflatable, this isn�t a difficult task either. Usually it�s as simple as removing the inflatable from the package, sometimes attaching some legs to the bottom of the fabric and you�re almost done. Ensure the inflatable is in an upright position with the zipper closed, pull the fabric away from the blower or fan and you�re ready to go. Most Christmas inflatables will have their own fan and motor so you don�t have to worry about having an extra cost of buying a fan to inflate your decorations and once they�ve started inflating, it wont be long before they are fully inflated. To deflate it, it�s as simple as unplugging the fan.

It is not advisable to keep your decoration inflated for extended periods of time, 8 hours is probably the maximum length of time you would want it inflated before switching off the fan. When it comes to cleaning your Christmas inflatable, you just need some water, mild detergent and a cloth. Make sure the cloth is simply damp with the water and detergent and wipe over the inflatable. Be sure that the decoration is fully dry before you store it away.

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