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Fibre Optic Christmas Trees

Fibre Optic Christmas Trees, Large size Range.

Fibre Optic Tree - Baubles & Stars - 180cm Warm White
Fibre Optic Tree - Baubles & Stars - 180cm Warm White
$ 199.99
Fibre Optic Christmas Tree 180cm Multi Colour with 20 LED stars
Fibre Optic Christmas Tree 180cm Multi Colour with 20 LED stars
$ 139.99
Fibre Optic Tree - Baubles & Stars - 92cm
Fibre Optic Tree - Baubles & Stars - 92cm
$ 90.00

Fibre Optic Christmas Trees are the easiest way to brighten up your home, office or venue for Christmas. Fibre Optic Christmas Trees bring instant colour and glamour wherever they are used. There is no need to decorate but if you prefer decorations have a look at our decorated fibre optic trees. Beautiful soft Warm White Fibre Optic Lights through out the tree, make this Fibre Optic tree look warm and inviting.

The Benefits of Fibre Optic Christmas Trees

Fibre optic Christmas trees are fairly new types of trees and are gradually growing in popularity. They are taking over the market due to their convenience, picture perfect shape and durability that makes it possible for them to be reused year after year. Real Christmas trees usually leave prickly reminders of their presence long after the festive season ends. Convectional artificial trees require a homeowner to exercise patience and untangle lights during the Christmas season. A fibre optic tree gives a homeowner the best of both worlds. They are available in a variety of colours and sizes, and do not have to be fused with other types of lights such as LEDs. Below is a look at the benefits of fibre optic Christmas trees.

Homeowners may wonder how a fibre optic Christmas tree look and function differently from other types of artificial trees. Manufacturers make fibre optic trees using plastic and then weave optical fibres through the branches. These fibres flicker and flash in different colours in a way that effectively builds Christmas lights into the tree. It will then brighten with fibre optic light rays cascading from its branches. The homeowner will watch as the colours change throughout the tree while enjoying the magic that is a fibre optic tree.

Combining Christmas lights with a tree provides a fibre optic tree with a vital advantage. This is especially the case if a homeowner does not have enough time to decorate during a busy festive season. Essentially, one does not have to buy separate strands of light. These trees are available in a wide variety of colours. This enables an individual to choose whether he or she wants the branches to glow in a mass of colours, or prefers a more somber white glow.

It is possible to turn ordinary Christmas lights on and off by flipping a switch or pulling their plug. In contrast, many manufacturers make fibre optic Christmas trees in a way that the lights are constantly on. Although most such trees do not allow the lights to become too warm, the branches are likely to become warm to the touch. It is thus advisable to take caution by keeping pets and small children away from the tree by enclosing it in a fence. Turning it off at night when going to bed is also recommended. The good news is that this drawback can be avoided by going for a fibre optic tree made using synthetic fibres. These fibres are safe for children and pets, and have a greater immunity to fire.

Despite growing warm on occasions, fibre optic Christmas trees emanate an air of cutting-edge decorations and sophistication. They look stylish and sleek, and the manner in which the lights fade in and out all over the walls appears breathtaking in big and dark space. In addition, these trees tend to cost less than alternative options. This is when the cost of lights that must be purchased using the options in order to set the trees aglow is factored in. Thus, a homeowner will make some savings by purchasing them.

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