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LED Net Lights 320L  2m x2m Multi colour on Green wire
LED Net Lights 320L 2m x2m Multi colour on Green wire
$ 120.00
LED Net Lights 2m x 2 metre  White on Green wire
LED Net Lights 2m x 2 metre White on Green wire
$ 120.00
LED 169 Light Net Light Cool White on Clear Wire 2.5 metre x 2.5 metre
LED 169 Light Net Light Cool White on Clear Wire 2.5 metre x 2.5 metre
$ 125.00
LED 169 Light Net Light Warm White Clear Wire 2.5  x 2.5 metre
LED 169 Light Net Light Warm White Clear Wire 2.5 x 2.5 metre
$ 125.00

Create a wonderful magical feeling for your wedding venue, with wedding lights for your garden,reception lounge. Wedding backdrop lights behind your wedding table are a must for any wedding venue. Wedding curtain lights along the front of your wedding table look magical.Hang Led wedding fairy lights from your ceilings to create a magical wonderland with wedding fairy lights. Wrap net lights around tree trunks to create an even spread of lights for a formal look. Weddings are magical, but they can look even more magical with wedding lights used all through your reception.


Decorations are always an eye catcher at a party, a wedding or just a general celebration. Many people like decorations for the various events they hold and this with the music and the people always adds pomp and glory to the celebration. There are additives to a decorations like the LED net lights which are always amazing when lit as they bring a whole new feel to a room or area in which they are set up.

In weddings, parties and especially Christmas the lights always bring out the celebratory mood to people as the beauty of the lights is always out of this world. The reason that they became so popular is that it easy to access on the online markets. The way they light up and decorate a room using the different colour shades it always comes with is always nice. Once you buy the LED lights you can easily set them up in a room as the connections are not always that complex. All the bulbs are interconnected with one switch to light them all up. They use little power thus customers acquiring them should not worry about power usage. Since they are decoration lights that come in different shapes and colours, they are always the most favourable ones to use during Christmas or other occasions. Night clubs use them in their venues to bring a new feel to the clubs. Club goers love this plus the music and the party is always set. They are always reused since they are do not get spoilt easily. With low power consumption they do not easily get over heated or blow out as their power is always regulated.

Covering a whole venue with net lights is always magical and especially during a wedding where beautiful decorations are always a must as they add the happy mode of the celebration and also acknowledges the beauty of the ceremony. They are designed with fullwave rectified technology for flicker free reaction thus they are made to be durable and of the highest quality ever. They are also designed to be water proof and are therefore used both indoors and outdoors. Users need not to worry about rain.

They have been adopted in many venues all over the world apart from just parties and Christmas. They are used in retails shops for brighter displays. They make the displayed products appear more beautiful and also make the retail stores appear classy and nice. They are used in fish aquariums to make the venue lovely. Fish parks are the most favourable for adopting this lighting technology as it helps in both the appeal and the visibility of the fish. The light shines on the water which absorbs the light to make the inside of water visible to everyone watching the fish.

Due to their easy to use feature they are always recommended to be used at home. They not only save you on costs but also on power consumption as they do not use so much power.

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